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Do you know that almost every big blog or big site have the same adsense secret? If you don't know yet, today I would like to reveal some of the tips and tricks that I found and believe to be the secrets of adsense, something that I discovered on the net.

What is adsense? Adsense is the most popular Google ad serving application where site owners will gain revenue when they enable Google to run ad campaign on their site. Website owners will gain revenue based on ppc (paid per click) is when visitor clicks Google adsense on your site.

If you have join with adsense in 2001 and had monetized your site with adsense back then you probably will not have to face any problem as you are now in 2011. Since there are not many people who know about adsense and there are also less competitors on your niche.

But in 2011 and there are millions of adsense publisher out there and also millions of niche it quite difficult for you to compete. Nonetheless there is a behavior that exist among people on the net that is not good for adsense publisher that is call ad blind.

Ad blind mean that visitor that don't bother looking at ad don't like ad. Most of them who have this kind of behavior are the adsense publisher themselves (including me), web master, web designer,web developer and people who knows about adsense.

Therefor I hope these adsense secret tips and tricks will really help you to increase your adsense revenue by increasing your CTR, and CPC.

  • Google give a special treatment for their special Adsense publisher and made them Google adsense Elite Publisher. As an elite publisher Google allows you and help you to beautify your Adsense ads so it will blended well on your site and with relevant content. This really helpful for the publisher to add Adsense ad and not to scared their visitors. Check out these website ehow and digital inspiration. Therefor the key is really blend your ad with your content so it is really look like part of your content. I know some webmaster will encourage to do this because it looks like we are tricking or visitor. But actually if the ad is really relevant to with your content than I believe it's okay.

  • Don't build blogs on internet, computer or web building design niche If just only want to monetize your blog with Adsense. It is because most of your visitor will be webmaster, web developer, web designer, search engine services and so on that know about Adsense and in my opinion that most of them are ad blind. They have low possibility in clicking your ads. Finding a very unique niche that have decent number local and global monthly visitors that have high probability click through rate ratio.

  • You need to sacrifice in order to gain. This phrase is true and it can be applied to increase your adsense ctr by sacrificing your pageview. If you don't give your visitors any option to click on your link by minimizing your navigation link and other links beside adsense link it would be possible that your visitor will click on your ads.

  • Block all your low CPC ads that are visible on your blog. If you block all your low cps ads your adsense ads will only serve high paying keyword ads and or high CPC Ads on your blog. It will help to increase your revenue especially when your ctr is quite low. Install Google toolbar for internet explore that have Adsense preview tool. for high paying keyword and low paying keyword you can Google it.

Those are just some of the things I discovered upon learning more about Adsense and monetizing your blogs and websites for profits.

Just search for more on Google, anyways everything now can found on Google, like the most common phrase among us "Google It! :)


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    It's really a good guide to improve the hits on ads.


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    that was very informative! thank you so much.. following you now!

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